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An Angel for Christmas



A beautiful Christmas gift came to us with this international TVC for Douglas.


Working with beauty-related projects for over ten years, we were thrilled to work with Select World and Peter Lindbergh production

to develop and post-produce the imagery of the new Douglas Christmas commercial.

Since we had worked on the primary rebranding campaign for Douglas, it was a beautiful extension of the partnership with our friends at Select World.


Again top model Cara Delevingne, who embodies sensuality and strength at the same time and thus stands for

the new Douglas enchanted the Christmas commercial with a very angelic appearance.


Doing the complete post-production from editing, grading to motion graphics put everybody in a very cheerful spirit.

Our Berlin partner sound studio Hofkapellmeister made everybody’s Christmas merry and bright with the final sound recordings and mixes

Douglas X-Mas Boy with Presents

Angelic Look


2D motion graphics, editorial editing and the final look, were thoughtfully developed to make sure that the visual language from the rebranding campaign “Do it for you” is preserved.


Thanks to 6K material, we had the chance to select close-ups with the best quality available.

Douglas X-Mas Present Cara Angel