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Guhl Color_Model Hair Flying

Take It to the Next Dimension




 This time, Select World challenged us with a special task. To ensure that their latest online campaign for tradition-steeped haircare brand Guhl really goes „boom“, we reached into our bag of tricks and let the power ingredients of Guhl’s new color range fly high.


Clever compositing perfectly blends photos and stock footage to give the impression of a fancy studio shoot while keeping the budget reasonable.

Guhl Color_Packshot Range

Special Effects




High-quality, natural ingredients for every hair need – the basis of Guhl’s philosophy is as prominent today as it was when the company first started. So we set the stage for the fulminant appearance of açai, cranberry, white orchid, and sage.


Based mainly on still images we unpacked our compositing skills to create an impeccable illusion of the powerful impact of these super components in a series of short social media ads.

Guhl Color_Colorschutz Packshot 2er

The Perfect Complement



As a full-service video company, we not only provide high-standard post-production. One of our core competencies lies in footage research.


Today’s market offers a variety of high-quality stock libraries and we know all of them. We won’t rest until we found the perfect clip for your story and can also handle the often confusing licensing process. So you are always on the safe side.


In this case, we were happy to explore the rich world of hair beauty and find the perfect match to complete the powerful VFX shots.

Guhl Color_Model Camera Glance