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Merck Thyroid Migraine Hiker

How do you Visualise a Feeling?


Pharmaceutical global player Merck has many years of experience and expertise in the treatment of thyroid diseases. So when Select World approached us to motion design and post-produce the thyroid awareness campaign, we went on a quest to design the visual translation for headache, depression and fatigue somebody feels having Thyroid disorder.


Together with our partner Hofkapellmeister, we furthermore supported the visuals with sound effects representing the painful symptoms. 

Merck Thyroid Depression Girl

Stock Stories and the Point of View of a Feeling



On this project, we worked on one of our favourite playgrounds: stock stories. We love diving deep into premium, authentic stock footage to find the perfect clip. The one clip that speaks to you and is just right for the project. But in this case, the visual language was even more specific.


It had to feel like a point of view of a person having thyroid disease, and the framing of the images should leave enough space for additionally animated visual effects representing the symptoms that are coming along.

 Feeling ill – The Look of Inside


After finding the right moving pictures for each vignette, we first designed visual effects symbolizing the mood a person is feeling in that precise moment of pain. So our motion design artists developed unique 2D and 3D animated visual effects for depression, headache and fatigue.


We were always supporting the point of view perspective of every sequence. Our compositing artists brought the designed effects and researched stock clips together and worked out the final look of feeling thyroid diseased.

Merck Thyroid Fatigue Effect Shot

Seeing is Believing, and Sound is Feeling.


To fully integrate every aspect of pain within the videos, sound effects played a fundamental role during production.

Our longterm partner, sound studio Hofkapellmeister, came up with perfectly accompanying Sound Effects and brought in their expertise on how to make a video stand out with innovative audio.


Working on this special project was pure fun on the whole pipeline of design, animation and post-production and an innovative stock story solution. 

Merck Thyroid Kids Ballet